Day: June 14, 2022

Glass and Candle Experiment

This week we are focusing on Science and our first task was that Glass and Candle Experiment. These are my instructions on how we did it.



My prediction was that the glass was going to break


  • Candle – Lighter 
  • Cup – Plate (That can hold water) 


1. You wanna grab your plate and place your candle roughly in the middle.

2. You then pour your water onto your plate and make sure not to add too much.

3. You wanna light your candle and place your cup over it. After that you watch and wait carefully.

4. If you want you can add a bit of food colouring so that you can see the water better.


What actually happened:

My prediction was far from right. But after you place your cup of your lit candle and wait a few seconds. The candle will blow out and the water will start to rise.